“One of the things I’m loving about how Lynsey is working with me (apart from helping me drill down into what exactly it is I want and what I need to do to achieve that) is the brilliant way in which she scans everything I write and say.  At lightning speed, she picks up on really important things I may have missed the true significance of, providing sharper, clearer focus and direction.  Coaching at its best.”


Playwright and Musician

After a move to a new city, several health issues and as a result early retirement, Lynsey has been working with me to create a new achievable life plan. Lynsey is a creative and innovative coach who manages to skilfully combine empathy with enough toughness so that I can be in control and move forward. Highly recommended.


Retired Counsellor

Having greatly benefitted from Lynsey’s skills for several years now, I continue to work with her because of her approach and skillset. Lynsey takes a full mind-body approach to all engagements. Her qualifications in personal training, Alexander Technique and coaching come together to enable her to see any problems more holistically and therefore suggest solutions have the potential to address the wider issues. This is combined with Lynsey’s natural sympathetic approach, which equips her with the capacity to approach difficult issues in a friendly manner. Working with Lynsey has been a rewarding and life changing experience, that in many ways has equipped me to better understand myself, and to have the necessary skills and tools to address most problems


Senior Academic

I had a serious injury requiring major surgery and ended up having 2 years off work. I was depressed, suffering from chronic pain and struggling to see a way out. I can’t thank Lynsey enough for supporting me and helping me with my recovery. Her unusual / incredible / invaluable combination of skills meant that she could draw on lots of different disciplines to work with me and get me focused on what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to get there. I am now back to doing what I love best – running successful businesses and feeling like myself! I’ve even managed to start cycling again, something I never thought would be possible. Lynsey is a kind, inspirational and intelligent coach who really listened to what I had to say and asked lots of challenging questions to get me thinking. I highly recommend her approach and am eternally grateful for the huge difference that she has made to my life.”


Entrepreneur and Managing Director

Receiving life coaching from Lynsey has been a wonderful experience. I have been anxious about returning to work and have felt constantly overwhelmed by different aspects of my life. Lynsey has given me perspective, organisational and time management skills and a bit of self belief! I now feel ready and excited to get back to work, while still being able to enjoy time with my young family. Thank you Lynsey


New Mum and Fitness Professional

I was struggling with burnout and constantly had muscle aches and pains that just would not go away. The doctors said there was nothing wrong and that I was just stressed. I tried so many things but none seemed to help which further exacerbated the mental health difficulties that were being caused. Within a few sessions of working with Lynsey I felt considerable improvement. I was moving better and the aches had diminished. I was used to feeling like I was wading through treacle on a daily basis but Lynsey helped me understand the real reasons behind my burnout and what I could do to get better. I thoroughly recommend her unique blend of skills and her kind, intelligent approach. It had never occurred to me before how much our ideas and thinking affects our physical health as well as our mental health and the work I did with Lynsey was invaluable in unpicking the things that were really causing me problems. I feel significantly better and have the energy to face the world again and actually enjoy life


CEO, Leading Fashion Brand