I work with you to open doors to new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Coaching opens doors

For me the words integrity, flexibility and compassion are fundamental and are what I bring into every session.

Throughout my career I was disappointed by self-appointed gurus who promised the world. I tried so many things to help myself feel better, only to feel at the end of it that they just either didn’t get me or were trying to take me through a coaching by numbers programme, where if only I were to follow a prescribed set of steps, success would follow. But life doesn’t work like that and we all have our own, unique set of challenges.

I work with however you are on that particular day, bringing in a multi-disciplined approach to work through any issues that you are grappling with.

I know that we get burned out not just when we are working long hours and not looking after ourselves, but when we compromise ourselves and our true values.

I am fascinated by how we operate ourselves as humans, how we move, sit, stand, speak and present ourselves to the outside world. I bring in my extensive training and experience as a movement practitioner to explore the links between thinking and movement and how this might be impacting on how you operate on a day to day basis.

My commitment to you

  • I promise that I will challenge you, but I will be kind.
  • I will listen without judgement, but I will keep you focused.
  • I will bring a range of disciplines and expertise into our sessions to help you reach your goals.
  • I work according to well researched principles, with a rigorously intellectual approach, bringing in all the latest thinking.
  • I am there to support and encourage you so that together we find a way forward that will help you reach your full potential in life.